Yui Kugimiya

January 13–March 1, 2018
PAGE (NYC), 368 Broadway, #511, NY 10013
Opening Saturday, January 13th, 6–8pm

PAGE (NYC) is pleased to announce an exhibition by Yui Kugimiya. New oil paintings are presented in a variety of intimate scales and geometric arrangements. Some compositions open with automatic drawing and some in tighter organizations. Careful decisions in color and shape drive the personality in each work. When a pink square with a wobbly edge is placed next to a red one with a sharper angle, a relationship is made. These forms gain an anthropomorphic quality and take on certain attitudes, establishing a network of characters in dialogue. This circuit of shapes is open—its associations can range from Gumby World to Hans Hoffman. Kugimiya's paintings are specifically experiential, encouraging the viewer to examine slightly different qualities that, when next to each other, form particular relationships.