Jessica Wilson, Not Normally at Rest (Part 1), 2020

Jessica Wilson, Not Normally at Rest (Part 2), 2020

Jessica Wilson, Not Normally at Rest (Part 3, The Musical), 2020

Jessica Wilson, Jessica Wilson Not Normally at Rest (Part 4), 2020


Not Normally at Rest

July 9 – August 6, 2020


Page is pleased to present Not Normally at Rest, a four-part animation by Jessica Wilson, made in the months of the COVID crisis.

An outlet facilitates the flow of electrical currents to and from power sources. The standard duplex outlet consists of two faces sitting on top of one another. Often regarded separately, they are part of the same circuit.

In Not Normally at Rest, the top face, the analyst, asks the bottom face, the analysand, about its experiences. They can’t look at each other. The analysand recounts a recurring dream, an experience of horror, shame, and fear of death. During these sessions, the outlet works through the transmission of power that grounds its neuroses.

This work was started and will be finished during the NY statewide shelter-in-place order. Not Normally at Rest teeters on a dialogue that is trapped inside one’s head, which is effectively nonsense, but suggests that a sensitivity to nonsense is required for communication, for a deeper understanding.

**Notes for online exhibition**

All models, shaders, and images that are used to make the videos will be uploaded for anyone to do whatever they want with. Not Normally at Rest will be exhibited online, and so it only makes sense to propose a virtual space that prioritizes access over ownership, where the work doesn’t end in an encoded video, but continues to circulate through its free and accessible components.